About us

Argos Theatre Company produces its own plays and performances: a crossing of text, live music and visual arts. Dramaturgies are inspired by both classical and contemporary pieces. Our plays are presented in theatres and festivals as well as more unconventional places: art galleries, museums, private residences… How does our story resonate with spaces conceived for  purposes other than the hosting of theatre plays? Being on the lookout for other performing spaces also implies encountering new audiences whose view and perspective will provide a new angle to our work. Everyone with the same approach: discovering, sharing and enjoying the artistic experience.

Argos was both a theatre in Ancient Greece and the name of Odysseus’ loyal  dog, who patiently awaited his return for 20 long years from the journeys of the Iliad and the Odyssey. A theatre, a story and the loyalty of the dog… ARGOS THEATRE COMPANY.