Sandals with socks – Cliches about Germans –

An Argentinian newcomer in Berlin tries to adapt to German rules and customs. Will she end up being more papist than the pope?

Verónica Isola wrote, starred in and produced “Sandals with Socks – Clichés about Germans -” directed by Pol Diggler, a filmaker and editor from Barcelona. He is the founder of FERGAHT Production, whose films have received more than 300 awards in all categories and have been screened at 600 international festivals, including OSCAR, GOYA, BAFTA and MELIES qualifiers. He is also winner of the Paul Naschy Award at the Sitges Film Festival and the TAC Terror Arreu of Catalonia.


Best Comedy Short Film, Anatolian Film Awards, Turkey, 2023

Best Actress for Verónica Isola, Tamizhagan International Film Festival, India, 2023

Special Jury Award Best Micro Short Film, Pol Diggler und Verónica Isola Nitiin Film Festival, Malaysia, 2023

Award Best Mel Brooks, Absurd Film Festival, Milano, 2023

Best Parody Short, Queen City Festival, Ohio, 2023

Best Short Film, Festival Indie Movies Spark, Utrecht, 2023

Finalist Comedy Film, Ohrid Film Festival, Macedonia, 2023

Best Super Short Film, Gothamite Film Festival, New York, 2023

Finalist Berlin Short, Film Festival, 2024