“A singer is an actor who expresses themselves by singing” – Teresa Berganza, one of the most prestigious mezzo soprano from XX century

Verónica Isola works as a theatre coach for classical singers. Actress and director with international experience in Paris, London, Rome and Barcelona. Her knowledge of the native languages of the aforementioned cities allows her to work on the diction of each. She graduated from La Universidad de las Artes ( The University of the Arts) in Buenos Aires with an honour degree in Dramatic Arts. Her background in both classical and contemporary theatre as well as her own work in classical singing, allow her to provide singers with technical and expressive tools for their acting dimension. Work from an acting standpoint focuses on the rigorous analysis of text and its context within the play, the character and their development, physical actions, stage presence, the good use of energy for its projection into the space and dialogue with the scene partner.

In the Acting coaching for young actors who intend to audition for international drama schools, in addition to the work that was previously mentioned, there will be a choice in picking a classical and/or contemporary monologue which the actor can relate to, material with which they will feel comfortable and be able to showcase their potential. Simultaneously, there will be thorough work on confidence in skills. In the case of theatre in verse: Shakespeare, Molière, Racine… much of the work will consist of the analysis of the metric, rhyme and rhythm of the text as if it were a musical score.


Verónica is proficient in many artistic disciplines and is very generous for sharing her knowledge and not holding back. It is all reflected in her work when giving all the technical and emotional inputs in order to work the text and approach the character from a holistic perspective. She will assist and guide you on this search until the character becomes natural and effortless to evoke. Teresa Lopez, soprano

I had the luck to have Veronica help me prepare for my UK drama school auditions. She was the first to introduce me to Shakespeare’s lambic pentameter and the key elements of how to read, analyse and mainly understand his texts and his work. We also worked on stage presence, auditioning technique and a contemporary piece. Not only is she very kowledgeable but also an extremely kind and humble human being. Working with her was great fun. The few sessions I had with Verónica to work on my classical and contemporary texts gave me the right tools to finally get accepted at my top drama school choice, Rose Bruford College on my next audition. Lorenzo Vigano actor student, @lorenzo.vigano .

I’ve attended a few of Veronica’s lessons for my son in preparation for drama school auditions in the UK. Her ability to make people comfortable and her preparation and knowledge are outstanding. Verónica is a great professional who has contributed to the realisation of my son’s objectives. Patrizia Ladaga, Lorenzo’s mum.

Verónica came to our Literature class at the American School of Barcelona and guided us through the closing act of Shakepespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, analysing the play’s verses and concentrating on characterisation through expression. The class actively involved everyone and was very focused on emotions. Being in Grade 10, this focus on emotions was particularly apt as we felt we understood the characters much better, and acting them out was much easier following the class.” Vincent Muratet.